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Useful Tips Regarding Your HVAC System


Should I call NDAC for Assistance?

  • Is the thermostat set correctly to the desired mode (heat or cool) and desired temperature?
  • Can you determine if the indoor fan is running and blowing air at what you consider a normal level is the thermostat fan setting in Auto or On position?
  • Have you checked, cleaned or replaced your air filter lately?
  • Is the circuit breaker for either the indoor unit or the outdoor unit in the Tripped position? -- (If yes, STOP, Consider that resetting a tripped breaker can in some situations cause additional damage) Resetting the breaker is the client's option.
  • Do you have electricity throughout the house? (Occasional power outages in your neighborhood can effect your HVAC system)

Are You Wasting Energy?

In today's energy conscience environment we have several means by which we can reduce the amounts of energy we consume. Texas is mighty hot in the summer!

  • Attic insulation is an important piece of the energy conservation puzzle, there are several types of attic insulation ranging from Blown-in fiberglass to Closed Cell expanding foam. The goal is to keep the ceilings in your home insulated from extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures in the attic space.
  • Quality insulated windows are also important component to an energy efficient home.
  • Does your home breathe? Weather stripping, closing the fireplaces flues, and back draft dampers on exhaust ducts all play their part in preventing unconditioned air from entering your home.
  • Your outdoor condensing unit requires clear space around it and above it to transfer and circulate the ambient air for maximum efficiency; keep vines and bushes from infringing on the space where your outdoor unit sits.
  • Current model Air Conditioning & Heating systems are significantly more energy efficient than most models just ten years old. North Dallas Air Conditioning can help with a selection to upgrade your HVAC system that fits your needs.
North Dallas Air Conditioning & Heating Company, Inc
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